Amazing Ways Stan Lee Changed Comics Forever

Toby Graves
November 14, 2018

Stan Lee didn't invent the comic book superhero, but he's certainly one of the biggest name in the sport - especially given the recent Marvel Comics dominance of our modern pop culture worldwide. He founded Marvel Comics and started a superhero universe comprising of "Black Panther", "Captain America", "Hulk" and many more. For the full list, head to Wikipedia and the full list of well over 300 characters, all attributed to Stan Lee in one way or another.

"I work at a comic book store".

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Lee was the founder of the Marvel franchise and is behind Spiderman, X-Men and Avengers which has become a fetish in the world. We then see many big execs discuss the man's legacy and the traits he brought to the business, including his nearly P.T. Barnum-esque approach to telling his stories.

"When the time came to create a teenaged hero for Marvel Comics, I chose to depict him as a bumbling real-life teenager who by some miracle had acquired a super power", Lee wrote in a 1977 column, "How I Invented Spider-Man". To this day, Image titles are owned by the writers and artists who created them, not the publisher, which is why it's become home to such beloved and critically acclaimed comics as The Walking Dead, Saga, Monstress, and more. Lee had graced many movies, comic books, video-games and sit-coms with his cameos, which were quite legendary. "Please join us in remembering Stan "The Man" Lee".

Those who were once involved in Marvel film making mourned the death of Lee on social networks together with Lee's fans. Marvel's way of intertwining complex storylines and infusing them with very real human emotions and writing in compelling character arcs is what has made Lee, according to the Guardian, "the greatest storyteller in history".

There will never be another Stan Lee.

"He felt an obligation to his fans to keep creating", his daughter J.C. Lee said in a statement to Reuters. His wife of 69 years, Joan Lee, had passed away last year.

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