Barack Obama Slams Donald Trump's Policy Ahead of Midterms

Larry Hoffman
November 5, 2018

Meanwhile, Trump was out on a campaign trail of his own, hitting multiple states in the final days leading up to the Tuesday election.

"You can vote for a politics that is decent, for a politics that is honest, for a politics that is lawful, for a politics that tries to do right by people", Obama said at the rally in Georgia for Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate who is hoping to become the country's first black female governor.

Obama argued much the same during portions of his speech, calling Trump's recent decision to send thousands of troops to the border to defend against a group of migrants that is still hundreds of miles away "a political stunt" - and an affront to service members who "deserve better than that".

The President also criticized Andrew Gillum, the Democratic Party's candidate for the post of Florida Governor, for seeking to abolish the federal agency, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which he said was "full of patriots" who arrested 127,000 illegal immigrants a year ago.

Obama's public appearances coincided with Trump's campaign visits to West Virginia and IN, where he urged voters to back Republican candidates for the US Senate.

Saturday morning began on Friday night for Democrats.

You can also vote in person on Election Day, November 6, at your assigned precinct from 7 7 p.m.

That retort came after Obama had already essentially laughed off hecklers.

In some of his sharpest criticism of Trump yet, the former President cast his successor as a compulsive liar with an authoritarian streak.

He also took on Obama, who had hours before assailed him for, among other things, "constant fear-mongering" and chronic dissembling and telling outright falsehoods about the GOP's efforts, past and present, to dismantle the Affordable Care Act's protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

During the former president's speech, a protester shouted that Obama should "denounce ANTIFA" - the protesters who square off against neo-Nazis. The Democrat took a brief break from the trail early Saturday morning in the aftermath of a deadly shooting at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, where he is the mayor.

Trump gave a howling hint of what to expect this weekend during a campaign stop in IN on Friday.

'If you want prosperity for your family, safety for your children and security for your country, vote for Mike Braun'. Bill Nelson, the three-time incumbent Democratic senator from Florida seeking his fourth term.

Two new polls this week showed Manchin's once-comfortable lead over Morrisey dwindling to 5 percentage points, which the Democrat's supporters blame in part on Trump's repeated visits. You know, it's like, I enjoy that.

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