Gov. Scott attends DC welcome for new GOP senators

Larry Hoffman
November 15, 2018

Republicans, including President Donald Trump, have argued without evidence that voter fraud threatens to steal races from the GOP.

Elias argued that there's no need to rush, since the victor of the Nelson-Scott race won't be sworn into office until January.

"When will Bill Nelson concede in Florida?" the president tweeted.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which has said it will review allegations of criminal fraud, said it had no active investigations as of late Friday.

Media captionThere's anger on both sides as Florida starts recounting votes.

Scott is locked in a tight Senate race against U.S. Sen. "This is a simple case about access to information that the supervisor of elections was required to have and required to provide", said Scott lawyer Jordan Zimmerman. "And she's hardly a Democratic official, or someone doing the bidding of the Democratic candidates there".

The lawyer that Mr Scott referenced was not authorised to object, and non-citizens don't vote, Mr Nelson's attorney Marc Elias said.

"And so I'm urging with all due respect to the president today, to urge Mr. Allen to forgo this futile recount and contestation policy which will simply delay the inevitable which is that Jim Webb will be the new senator from Virginia", Schumer said in comments after the 2006 midterm elections, which were first flagged by NTK Network.

Also on Monday, two voter-rights groups filed suit in federal court in Tallahassee.

Countless media reports also refer to Snipes' Democratic affiliation.

The county's decade-old ballot-counting machines overheated and gave incorrect totals, forcing the county to restart its recount of about 175,000 early votes, supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher said Tuesday night. A more logistically complicated hand recount could follow.

How do these recounts compare to others in state history?

Scott now holds a lead of just 12,600 votes over Nelson ahead of Thursday's deadline for the machine recount to be completed. Nelson has shrunk to a mere 0.14 percent. In Georgia, Democrats are optimistic that a recount in the governor's race will force a runoff between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp. If a hand recount is required after that, local officials would have until November 18 to submit results. The Senate will swear in new members in early 2019.

They seek to include disputed mail and provisional ballots in vote tallies, extend vote-counting deadlines and invalidate the state's definition of voter intent in deciding whether under- and overvotes are legitimate. During the initial recount, the machines set aside any ballots that can not be tallied. In Broward County, it could take more than 30 hours just to sort through the pages with races that need to be recounted, according to election operations coordinator Fred Bellis.

Nearly two decades after Bush v. Gore, Florida election officials are confident that changes they have made to voting procedures - including identical ballots to avoid hanging chads and a single set of rules across counties - will lead to more organized recounts, ones that are expected to take days, rather than weeks. The Republicans have upbraided officials there for tallying ballots slowly and not providing enough transparency about their process.

The Scott campaign filed another lawsuit asking that ballots counted in Broward County after a noon Saturday deadline to submit results not be included in the county's official returns. Snipes has been re-elected since then, and is unapologetic about her record.

"It's been incredibly frustrating to watch". Now workers are redoing that part of the recount, making it even more unlikely that legal deadlines will be met. "There have been issues that haven't gone the way we wanted it".

Election officials say they are done with the initial recount of vote-by-mail and Election Day ballots.

Snipes, 68, a native of Talladega, Alabama, moved to Broward County in 1964 to begin what became a long career as an educator.

Snipes has been the subject of controversiesand criticism in the past.

He's tried to get the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to intimidate local supervisors of election. He needs to get orders out so any appeals can be made while still adhering to the deadlines under state law. The state's Attorney General, Republican Pam Bondi, echoed Scott's calls for an investigation, but FDLE has maintained that there are is no evidence to justify that step.

Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher said that the machines are "old" and were not created to work around the clock.

Scott's campaign said this weekend that it has enlisted 7,500 volunteer recount representatives to monitor the process.

Reinhard reported from Lauderhill, Florida, and Wagner from Washington.

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