Jimmy Kimmel I Ate All Your Halloween Candy Prank 2018

Randy Kelley
November 2, 2018

Once again, model and businesswoman Heidi Klum has gone all out for her Halloween costume this year, capping off a month of impressive looks with another wonderful appearance.

The 45-year-old also had her own Shrek as her flawless date to the party.

The supermodel and TV presenter worked with a prosthetics company to make herself completely unrecognizable - and she documented the whole process on social media.

Halloween originated from Celtic traditions when the new year was celebrated on November 1.

NEW YORK (AP) - Heidi Klum might have a tinge of green one day after Halloween.

The queen of Halloween Heidi Klum has transformed into an iconic princess - Princess Fiona from the Shrek movie franchise!

The famed host has been planning the costume for months, and teased a collaboration with the company Prosthetic Renaissance Inc.in September.

She proceeded to share pictures of her previous costumes on Instagram and Twitter in the days leading up to Halloween, ensuring excitement for the big reveal would reach fever pitch. With her boyfriend Tom Kaulitz as Shrek and Fiona.

The 45-year-old typically steals the show at her yearly gathering, having attended the bash as Jessica Rabbit, Cleopatra, a skinless humanoid, a chimpanzee, Betty Boop, an old woman, and a giant butterfly in years past. She added, "We keep partying year after year and I'm gonna top it next year".

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