Pilot reported prior safety problem with crashed Lion Air jet

Larry Hoffman
November 4, 2018

Pilots on the almost new Boeing Co.

Avi Riyanto, director of airworthiness at the transport ministry, said it is closely monitoring flights of other Boeing 737 MAX planes in Indonesia.

New details about the crashed Lion Air jet's previous flight cast more doubt on the Indonesian airline's claim to have fixed technical problems, as hundreds of personnel searched the sea for a fifth day Friday for victims and the plane's fuselage.

It was not clear whether it was the flight data recorder or cockpit voice recorder. The reason for the accident is yet unknown, making the retrieval of the black box all the more important as it could provide clues to the cause of the accident.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 was delivered to Lion Air in mid-August and put in use within days, according to aviation website Flightradar24. A review of maintenance documents found no additional issues were reported on the airspeed and altimeter system in the past 3 months.

The aircraft manufacturer told airlines in a bulletin: "Boeing has no recommended operator action at this time", according to two people familiar with the matter. In the case of the Air France flight, investigators concluded that a high-altitude ice storm clogged the Pitot tubes.

There was a tragic plane crash earlier this week of a passenger plane operated by Lion Air.

The pilot of a Lion Air flight from Indonesia's Bali island on Sunday made a distress call minutes after take-off due to technical problems, but they were overcome and he pushed on to Jakarta.

The data recorder was reportedly found in almost 100 feet of water about 1,600 feet from where the jet lost contact.

"When the plane took off, it climbed and then went down". Jetliners usually don't fly below 30,000 feet because cruising at the lower altitudes is less fuel efficient.

However, the pilots kept the plane at a maximum altitude of 28,000 feet compared with 36,000 feet on the same route earlier in the week.

"We are sure they conducted themselves professionally and they struggled to save the aircraft".

Investigators displayed one of the jet's two flight recorders at a news conference Thursday evening, later confirmed to be the flight data recorder, and said they would immediately attempt to upload information and begin analysis.

The copy of the tech log shows that the Pitot Tube and Static Port were examined and checked.

The routine flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris was interrupted with a cacophony of alarms and confusing information. "Or something they were battling against in the autopilot". It plunged into the sea about 10 minutes later.

The age of the aircraft is a factor in many passenger plane crashes.

A charter flight leaving the Dominican Republic in 1996 crashed, killing 189 people, after the captain's airspeed became inaccurate.

The pilot had asked to return to base shortly after take-off, and ground control officials had approved the request. "We recited every prayer we knew".

Greenberg, who also served as chief operating officer at Korean Air Lines Co. The U.S. lifted a decadelong ban in 2016. Indonesian investigators will also travel to the U.S.to meet with the designers of the new-generation Boeing jet. It's now common for airline pilots to receive simulator training on how to handle a failure of the plane's speed indicators.

"Indeed there were reports about a technical problem, and the technical problem has been resolved in accordance with the procedures released by the plane manufacturer", he said.

The copilot's speed readings were accurate and control was turned over to the junior pilot, but the captain's instruments continued to behave erratically, which was distracting, the pilot said. Its transport safety committee investigated 137 serious aviation incidents from 2012 to 2017.

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