Short Pick Of The Day: 'Reunion' by Blizzard Entertainment

Toby Graves
November 4, 2018

Blizzard has unveiled the new hero for its popular hero shooter.

Overwatch is getting a brand new hero with "rebellious gunslinger" Ashe revealed at Blizzcon 2018 today.

Unlike most other characters in Overwatch, it seems like Ashe's primary weapon - a semi-automatic rifle named "The Viper" - can be aimed via iron sights or hip fire. Actually giving some context to why the map is shaped the way it is - the gang is known as Deadlock led by the white-haired outlaw Ashe used explosives to destroy the train - has a shootout with said outlaws who he supposedly has had previous encounters with. In addition to her main firearm, Ashe also has access to a stick of dynamite and a small shotgun that can cause massive pushback to both herself and her enemies.

Ashe was introduced Friday at Blizzcon in an animated short called Reunion, in which we met McCree's old friends, the Deadlock gang. She also has a "Coach Gun", which lets her essentially rocket jump or merely propel enemies backward a few feet. And in case this wasn't enough to get you hyped, Ashe is voiced by the legendary Jennifer Hale, whom many of you know best as Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect franchise.

"You've never been one to shy away from a good tip", McCree cracked, noting that he wants the crate that Ashe and Bob before the conversation quickly devolves into a standoff between McCree and the others.

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