Switch, PS4 Pro RDR2 bundles with free $50 card

Joshua Bennett
November 23, 2018

Find below everything you need to know about Black Friday 2018 to find the best deals.

If all this talk of Pokémon recently has you in the mood to pick up a Switch, they're now £30 off on Amazon UK at £249.00, applicable to either the Grey or Neon systems. If you're in the market for anything game-related, we've got you covered. It's definitely the time to spend if you're looking!

Amazon's Black Friday deals are here - and they're incredible. Go on with you now.

Spider-Man on PS4 is down to £28.99 too, if you've not yet tried out that particular awesome game. What about a new 4K TV, gaming laptop, or Nintendo 3DS?

If you're a big Microsoft gamer, but don't yet have Forza Horizon 4, you might be excited to know that it's now just £26.99 physical on Xbox One via Amazon UK.

A lot of people bought an Xbox One at the beginning of this console generation, not anxious about missing out on any exclusives like The Last Of Us, and mostly just in it to play 2K and the new Red Dead Redemption. You can get a brand new Xbox One X 1TB console on sale at eBay for $380 - that's $20 cheaper than it is at Target, Walmart and Amazon.

In addition, for the entirety of the Black Friday period and a few days after, you can nab yourself one month's of Xbox Live Gold Subscription and a month worth of Xbox Game Pass for just £1/$1 each respectively.

And lastly, a deal that no other retailer is close to matching: GameStop will mail a rebate in the form of a $70 pre-paid Visa card to anyone who purchases a used 4GB Xbox 360 Slim console from a retail GameStop location on November 22 or 23, completely covering the sales price. You could grab a 500GB or 1TB model with games such as Assassin's Creed Origins or Forza Horizon 3 for a reasonable price, so expect similar bundles featuring the newer versions of those games this year. The bundle price is identical to the standalone console price, which essentially means you're getting Red Dead Redemption 2 for free, which isn't bad at all - it's universally-acclaimed and a shoo-in for multiple game of the year awards in 2018.

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