Fake package covers porch pirates in glitter and fart spray

Joshua Bennett
December 19, 2018

Stolen parcels is a frustrating problem in the US, but a YouTuber has created the ultimate "sparkly" karma for package thieves: a glitter bomb box that releases fart odors. Since police won't do anything, one brilliant YouTuber named Mark Rober made a decision to take matters into his own hands - with a GLITTER BOMB!

The best part of the trap is it beautifully scatters a cup of glitter on would-be thieves, along with fart spray (5 sprays every 30 seconds).

The glitter bomb decoy package is powered by four Android phones.

When the thieves hit, his security camera captured the crime - but he said police didn't investigate because they didn't have the time to track the thieves down.

Rober also emphasized the "glitter bomb" was not for sale, but merely a project "to get people pumped about science and engineering and education", like the others on his YouTube channel.

Rober tested the box out, and recieved a notification while he was at work that the glitter bomb box had been taken.

"I challenge anyone who thinks packages don't get stolen to put a cellophane-wrapped HomePod box on their porch and leave it there day after day and see just how honest people are", Mr Rober told The Post.

The video was uploaded yesterday and already has over 6 million views. and is the #1 trending video on YouTube! On every occasion, the thieves abandoned the package once it had been triggered and they or their property had been doused in glitter.

Before the phones could be discovered, a touch of the package activated a mechanism that dispatched the fart spray. Also hidden in the housing: four LG smartphones with cameras rolling to record the event.

'Not only is it not cool, but on the plus side, you'll never find yourself in this situation'.

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