Michelle Obama's Take On 'Lean In'? 'That &#%! Doesn't Work'

Toby Graves
December 6, 2018

The memoir by the former United States First Lady, Michelle Obama, has become the best-selling book released this year in the USA - just two weeks after publication. Sandberg's book sold more than 4 million copies worldwide and occupied a spot on the New York Times bestseller list for more than a year.

The publisher says the book is also a bestseller in many other countries including Australia and Britain.

"My grandparents' lives were affected by Jim Crow, we mistakenly thought that Barack Obama was going to erase hundreds of years of history in eight years, that is ridiculous", she said.

But Obama graduated from the select Ivy League university and went on to Harvard Law School before joining a Chicago law firm where she met her future husband and then United States president Barack Obama.

Speaking ahead of today's event, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson's executive headteacher Jo Dibb said: "It's really exciting to welcome Mrs Obama back to EGA".

The exclusive London event, in front of a crowd of around 2,700 people, is Ms Obama's only stop outside her 13-day U.S. roadshow. "Understanding how to become us".

Michelle Obama is modeling a cozy off-the-shoulder sweater and a bright smile on the cover of Good Housekeeping, as she opens up about having to "wake up long before" her husband to get ready for public events.

She said: "I touched her". We made sure that kids-ordinary kids, not just the kids of a donor or a Congressman-had access to folks like Justin Timberlake, Janelle Monáe and Smokey Robinson talking about the doubts and struggles they fought through, giving their time to inspire young people.

Michelle Obama weighs in on the idea of 'leaning in': 'That s--t doesn't work' - NY Daily News
Michelle Obama tells London school she still has imposter syndrome

Obama, 54, received a rock-star welcome from students from two central London girls' schools, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds, before encouraging them to find their passion, mentors, and work hard to overcome any self-doubt.

"The one challenge we have ... is harnessing the power we do have and not relinquishing that and by that I mean voting", Obama, a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, told 300 rapt teenagers.

"Change is not a straight line", she said.

On the importance of education, she added: "Someone can't analyse what Brexit means if they can't think critically about the issues".

"I have no intention of running for office, ever", she wrote.

Although she was thrust into the spotlight as the president's wife, she wants to tell all women and young people that it's not about where they started, and they can build their own dreams like she did - even as the wife of one of the world's most powerful men. "He never wants to push me out the window because I am flawless".

She struck an optimistic note on the subject of her husband's controversial successor Donald Trump.

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