Rudy Giuliani Accidently Lends Trump's Haters a Hand, Leaves Twitter Laughing

Larry Hoffman
December 6, 2018

Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, is working as a defense attorney for President Donald Trump, whose name was mentioned repeatedly in the memos released Tuesday evening. This is precisely what happened when Rudy Giuliani tweeted a typo that created a link during a recent rant about how Robert Mueller's investigation is "out of control".

'Without thinking, I went and purchased the domain and then I thought, 'I could literally put whatever I want up and he would either have to delete the tweet or leave it up because you can't edit a tweet, ' he said.

The social media platform automatically added a hyperlink over the text. In a follow-up tweet on Tuesday evening, Giuliani declared that he was not victim to a simple prank as a result of a typo, but was simply the latest supporter of the president to be victimized by Twitter. With no facts or justification, he blamed Twitter, saying employees there are "cardcarrying anti-Trumpers".

Carrying out the prank only took 15 minutes, said Velazquez, who bought the domain for an entire year.

Still, that doesn't directly answer Giuliani's claim that he couldn't recreate the issue a second time.

Giuliani's Twitter typo used to abuse President Trump
Rudy Giuliani Accidently Lends Trump's Haters a Hand, Leaves Twitter Laughing

Still, a lot of heads spun around when Giuliani himself was named as Trump's cybersecurity advisor, because, as basically everyone recognized, he does not appear to know anything about cybersecurity.

In his tweet, the president's attorney railed against Mueller for the timing of the special counsel's legal moves, two of which were issued while Trump was traveling overseas. Unfortunately, that showed he wasn't aware that there are a limited number of top-level internet domains and that while "In" (for India) is one of them, "Either" isn't.

'That would mean that I forced him to delete it, ' he told The Post.

For their part, a spokesperson for Twitter categorically denied Giuliani's inference, stating "the accusation that we're artificially injecting something into a tweet is completely false".

Rather, Giuliani accidentally activated an automated Twitter feature that applies to everyone's tweets, whether they're liberal or conservative. "Either I affect what his message is, or I affect what his message is".

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