The New Black Mirror Film 'Bandersnatch' Is Out Soon

Toby Graves
December 29, 2018

It is not yet known if season 5 of the Black Mirror series will launch alongside the film.

Netflix is calling Bandersnatch its first "interactive film", which seems like an aptly subversive way to further twist the literal meaning of the word film.

One of the choices is incredibly meta, however.

The streamer released the trailer for "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" (watch above or at this link), which premieres Friday, Dec. 28, on Netflix worldwide. Everything happened so fast and we're in that odd time between Christmas and New Year's.

Viewers clamoring for a fifth season of the British anthology TV series first got wind of the film earlier this month, when a new Black Mirror title popped up on Netflix.

The idea to create an interactive movie was first presented in 2017.

The run time for the film's default path is approximately 90 minutes, which is not bad really - flawless for a post-work or pre-bedtime viewing. Think of it like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow - endlessly trying the same path over and over again to reach the right outcome, recognizing the Sisyphean journey he's being taken on. He may even try to resist your commands, or obey them in a zombie-like fashion, with little say in the matter.

'We've got state of the art computers, with 64kb RAM, 8-bit graphics cards and a team of top game designers, lead by our visionary CEO and games expert, Mohan Tucker. (Once upon a time, it was something actually screened by projecting celluloid film.) The movie typically runs for about 90 minutes, depending on the choices that you make at the plot's branching points. Slade is no stranger to the Black Mirror universe, having directed last season's Metalhead. And, as with most "Black Mirror" episodes, things take a wild and warped turn. The game-ier Stefan's story becomes, and the more he becomes aware of it, the deeper Black Mirror's rabbit hole goes.

Netflix has experimented with interactive TV before albeit on a much more limited and modest scale.

If you've wandered pretty deep into Bandersnatch by now, then you've probably discovered the safe in your Dad's locked room, or the option to call your therapist, both of which require different inputs.

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