Chinese iPhone sellers reportedly cut prices following sales warning

Fredrick Soto
January 12, 2019

According to CNBC's research on this issue, multiple retailers from China are selling iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR units via promotions that bring the final price tags considerably lower than the ones in Apple's official Chinese store.

Several Chinese electronics retailers including Alibaba-backed Suning and have slashed iPhone prices this week, after Apple recently blamed poor sales of the smartphone in the country for a rare revenue warning. There is some guesswork on what the third camera's function could be.

THe WSJ claims that the decision to continue with an LCD variant in its 2019 iPhone line-up was unavoidable; Apple had already progressed too far down the "product pipeline" to ditch the model.

If these figures out correct, the iPhone price cuts from retailers are well over Apple's discounts for retailers. However, much of what has appeared in WSJ is interesting and can not be just overlooked. The 256GB iPhone XS Max sold for 9,699 yuan ($1,436) instead of 10,999 yuan ($1,628). Apple usually unveils new handsets around September and considering 2019 just started, there's going to be a ton of rumours before the new iPhones are public.

According to the Wall Street Journal's sources, the firm will be implementing a triple camera system on the highest end iPhone - presumably the iPhone XS Max successor.

This isn't the first time we've heard rumours that the company plans to release a triple-camera iPhone.

Despite cutting its sales outlook earlier this month-for the first time in nearly two decades-as demand for its iPhones are expected to slow in China and elsewhere, Apple is planning to release a full line-up of new devices this fall. In a research note seen by 9to5Mac, Kuo says he expects Apple to shift away from Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) antenna technology in favour of a new combination of Modified PI tech, primarily to improve yield rates and simplify the production process.

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