De Blasio has a plan

Randy Kelley
January 9, 2019

Residents will be able to access the program via the city's website or calling the city of NY at 311.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that the city would be providing all residents with health care.

A day earlier, California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed state-funded health care coverage for 138,000 young people living in the country illegally and reinstating a mandate for everyone to buy insurance or pay a fine - part of "Obamacare" that congressional Republicans eliminated previous year.

The unprecedented city government plan is not considered "health insurance", but rather a city payment for direct comprehensive care, and Politico estimated the cost to be around $100 million.

"Under NYC Care, 600,000 New Yorkers, including our undocumented brothers and sisters, will have access to healthcare", declared Winnie Wong, founder of the advocacy group People for Bernie.

After his appearance on the program, his office clarified that the program won't technically be health insurance. "NYC Care will provide a primary care doctor and will provide access to specialty care, prescription drugs, mental health services, hospitalization, and more". Mayor Bill de Blasio first broadcast the plan on MSNBC Tuesday morning, offering more details at a press conference held at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. The program is available to anyone who does not have an affordable insurance option, de Blasio said. However, de Blasio believes it will ultimately save the city money by drastically reducing residents' trips to the emergency room.

Thiessen said the same claim was made after ObamaCare was passed, however, emergency room visits did not decline as predicted but instead increased.

"When this plan is fully implemented every New Yorker who needs a doctor will have an actual doctor with a name and a place, they're going to have a card that will empower them to go to that doctor whenever they need".

De Blasio said, as it is, people are using the emergency room as "default health care provider for so many people in this country. We are doing just the opposite".

We have to start somewhere. "Then we're working out the finances".

Healthcare-for-all provides coverage for all, reduces the burden on small businesses to offer and pay for health coverage, addresses the business myth that it's cost prohibitive to hire certain workers because their health coverage is too expensive.

"This is a big step in the right direction-but healthcare is still a human right, and must be extended to everyone in the state!"

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has chose to lead the progressive charge on the health care front.

Not everyone is a huge fan.

When asked why New Yorkers should pay for the health care of undocumented immigrants or young invincibles, De Blasio said they already pay plenty when the community isn't healthy.

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