Health district reports possible measles case in western Bell County

Randy Kelley
February 6, 2019

An additional seven cases are suspected.

The health department said there are two other potential cases of measles that are pending as they wait for test results.

The health department said they are taking all precautionary measures to prevent the disease from spreading. Officials in Harris County, Texas, which includes Houston, reported three cases of measles Monday, bringing the total number of cases in the state this year to six.

QUOTE: "Measles, a highly contagious disease, was declared eliminated in the 2000 due to successful vaccination programs". At least 47 people in southwest Washington's Clark County have been infected with measles during the past couple of weeks, according to data posted on the Clark County Public Health website on February 3.

Measles starts with fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, and sore throat.

The reluctance or refusal to vaccinate despite the availability of vaccines is popularly called by health experts as "vaccine hesitancy" - and this threatens to reverse the progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases.

If you are unsure if you received the vaccine, contact the health department.

In the same report, the top five reasons for non-vaccination were 1) mother was busy, 2) not eligible for vaccination, 3) child was sick, 4) fear of side effects and 5) forgot the schedule. If you attended the Detroit auto show press preview days January 13-15, you may have been exposed to rubella, also known as the German measles, the state Department of Health and Human Services said. In 2018, in the USA, there were about 17 outbreaks and 349 cases. A lot of particular particulars concerning the instances in Houston haven't been publicly disclosed, together with how it's believed that the people contracted the illness and if they had been beforehand vaccinated. "The recommended two doses of the measles vaccine provide even greater protection - 97 percent".

There are many factors at play: distrust in modern medicine and in government; fear of side effects; global travel, which brings diseases from one nation to another through the ease of an airplane flight; poor immunization infrastructure in lower- and middle-income countries; a misguided feeling that vaccines are worse than the diseases themselves. The first dose of the measles vaccine is 93 percent effective.

That is why you need to get vaccinated. If a person with measles is in a room and simply coughs, a person that is in the same room and it is not vaccinated, can get the virus from the droplets in the air. Many health-care professionals (HCPs), such as doctors, in the public health sector fear that the previous year might be the lowest FIC rate in a decade. Before the vaccine's introduction in 1963, there were four million measles cases in the US every year, with 48,000 hospitalizations and 500 deaths.

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