Instagram’s World Record Egg Mystery Cracked, Hulu Pays for Mental-Health PSA

Randy Kelley
February 5, 2019

Often cited as a fun and trendy way to say that Instagram is absurd and that a random egg image can one-up the Kardashian's selfies, it's only a matter of time until someone gets paid the big bucks from this whole situation.

The actual reason for the egg was revealed on the streaming platform Hulu in a short video.

The account world_record_egg was created and shared its first post on 4 January.

So, it turns out that - even though it all seems a bit contrived and silly - the world record egg has, in fact, been a force for good all along.

The message reads "Recently I've started to crack. the pressure of social media is getting to me", as the egg on the screen breaks apart.

The video showed the egg (complete with a little face and everything) and said: "I'm the world record egg (you may have heard of me)". It's worth noting that the subsequent posts have significantly less likes and engagement than the original image by tens of millions. "If you're struggling, too, please talk to someone".

The mystery of the creator of the viral egg was also unscrambled on Sunday.

This development comes after an announcement on Friday that the egg had partnered with Hulu and would reveal more during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

According to Godfrey, who works for The & Partnership, the idea started with him wondering if something as simple as an egg - whose name happens to be Eugene - could upend Jenner's Instagram world record. The first episode, which is just 30 seconds long, dropped after the big game, and featured the Egg opening up about the pressure of social media. "An egg is an egg, it's universal", Godfrey said.

Quizzed on his decision to use an egg for this campaign, he told The New York Times: "An egg has no gender, race or religion".

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