Royal fans spot ‘angry face’ in Kate Middleton’s Eponine dress

Toby Graves
February 8, 2019

Kate Middleton is not a child but she did get invited to a school children's show-and-tell today.

"Schools and teachers don't have all the answers, nor could they, but we know they can play a special role which is why we have launched one of the biggest mental health trials in schools".

Kate Middleton visited a pair of schools in London for Children's Mental Health Week and she brought a picture of her family to share with students as a representation of what makes her feel good.

In an effort to support the mental health and well being of kids, the United Kingdom government has launched a new trial for schools where kids would be encouraged to practise mindfulness exercises. According to People, one 7 year old named Shannon brought in an orange ball and said, "When I feel stressed at home I take it out and makes me feel a bit happier".

Kate is a long-time devotee of London-based brand Eponine which she has worn to numerous official appearances in recent years. She then met parents to hear their stories of the various parenting challenges they face and how they have managed to keep them and their children healthy.

The trial, which will have instructors teach mental health and well being techniques to students, marks the beginning of Children's Mental Health Week and is scheduled to run until 2021.

Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions said, the key to children getting the help they need is removing the stigma attached to mental health issues.

"So much time and effort and energy goes into making these, it must be so appreciated by those who receive them", she said. At another school earlier she produced a photo of her family for a Year 2 "show and tell".

"I loved art when I was at school, and I did art A level as well".

Kate looked impressed and replied: "This is what you can do if you don't use social media - a fantastic advert". "Providing this support is the first step in helping kids build life-long coping skills".

Up to 370 schools will join what is expected to be the world's largest trial in mental health and wellbeing among pupils to see what works best to support young people.

Labour-led Milton Keynes Council is set to provide extra funding to improve access for local children to mental health services.

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