N.Korea's Kim Jong Un to meet Putin in Russian Federation this month

Larry Hoffman
April 26, 2019

After the failed Hanoi summit, Mr Kim is probably looking to prove that he is still sought after by world leaders and that he has more options, Artyom Lukin, a professor at Far Eastern Federal University, said.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's impending visit to Russian Federation reflects the fast-changing dynamics of geopolitics in the region.

However, the venue was not disclosed by the state media.

The Soviet Union installed Kim's grandfather Kim Il-sung as North Korea's leader and was a crucial backer and main aid provider to Pyongyang during the Cold War.

Nor was Kim's wife Ri Sol-ju named in the delegation. Meanwhile, several high-level engagements have taken place between Russian parliamentary and government officials and their North Korean counterparts.

Vladivostok News also reported the closure of platforms 1 and 2 at the station after 1500 local time Wednesday, with the public only able to utilize platforms 3 and 4.

Wearing a black homburg and overcoat, he was greeted at the station by officials and a brass band. He said that this was the "first step" and "would not be [his] last visit to Russian Federation".

Though on a much smaller scale than China, Russia has been a key source of energy and food for the North. Russia also provides foreign currency to the North by hiring North Korean workers.

This will be Kim's first visit to Russian Federation.

After the ceremony, the train departed for Ussuriysk, where it transferred onto the Trans-Siberian Railway to Vladivostok.

Kim's protocol and security staff were on standby in the city ahead of their leader's arrival, along with armored vehicles to transport the leader.

An Air Koryo transport plane and passenger aircraft landed at an airport in Vladivostok on Tuesday morning.

Russian officials earlier this month said Putin will meet with Kim in Vladivostok. About 10 North Korean security guards in black suits jogged alongside the vehicle for about the first 100 meters (yards) of its journey. A reception is to be expected afterward.

Ushakov added the Kremlin will try to help "create preconditions and a favorable atmosphere for reaching solid agreements on the problem of the Korean Peninsula", the Daily Herald reported.

The abortive U.S. -North Korea summit in Hanoi was a choice between "a very bad deal and no deal", U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Harry Harris said Monday.

Kim and President Donald Trump have had two summits, but the latest, in Vietnam in February, collapsed because North Korea wanted more sanctions relief than Washington was willing to give for the amount of disarmament offered by Pyongyang. It was signed on March 17, 1949.

Kim is expected to push Putin for sanctions relief amid stalled nuclear talks with the United States.

"It's time to have the summit, particularly [with] the view of the potential forthcoming third summit between Kim and Trump perhaps this year", he told the ABC.

President Moon Jae-in formally proposed another summit with the North Korean leader last week, saying Seoul will not be bound by where the meeting takes place or other formalities.

Our president will hold talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Vladivostok who will pay a visit to our country.

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