Why Friday’s Pink Moon Won’t Actually Be Pink

Jo Lloyd
April 20, 2019

Full moon names were applied to the entire month in which they occurred to help Native American tribes keep track of seasons.

It'll appear on Friday 12 April, beginning at 12.12 British Summer Time.

The Old Farmer's Almanac said the Pink Moon was only called such by native Americans who gave distinctive names to every month's full moons.

While the new moon is the start of a cycle, it is the full moon that represents its peak.

Historically, Easter is supposed to fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. But the Moon will still be the biggest and brightest it will be all month, providing an fantastic opportunity for stargazers to enjoy in its full glory. Considering the extended visibility of the full moon, everyone should be able to watch Pink Moon this Good Friday in their time zone. Super Snow Moon 2019 Pictures: Check First Glimpses of The Biggest Supermoon of The Year.

But, in the modern, digital age of internet excitement, it's the pink designation that has gained prominence because it "sounds" as if some spectacular color is about the engulf the moon.

A pink moon is on it's way as Nick Drake would say.

Just what you've all wanted, right?

The Full Moon will be visible everywhere today in the nightside of the Earth. "Maybe you've finally balanced out a tricky power dynamic and things are running smoothly, or maybe you need to speak up and switch things up", she explains. She continues, saying, "Mars in Gemini will keep the conversation flowing".

Now, before you get too excited - it's not actually going to be pink, but rather a very pale orange and then eventually, yellow.

Back to the Moon.

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