46 million Australian $50 notes feature a big typo

Larry Hoffman
May 10, 2019

As it happens, the Australian fifty dollar note is the most used banknote in the country and a total of 400 millions of these notes were printed!

Triple M Radio posted on Instagram on Thursday a magnified photograph of the bank note showing the misspelling of "responsibility". It has multiple security features - including microprint of a speech by Australia's first female parliamentarian, Edith Cowan.

The 46 million bills with the typo will remain legal tender and continue to circulate around Australia.

The quote, repeated over the banknote several times, reads, "It is a great responsibilty (sic) to be the only woman here and I want to emphasize the necessity which exists for other women being here".

When the $50 note first arrived, the RBA said it came with new security features created to prevent counterfeiting and improve accessibility.

A new $50 note went into circulation around Australia on October 18, 2018, but a keen observer has found a spelling mistake on the note.

The good news is, er, the typo only appears on *checks notes* 46 million bills. But there are no plans to pull the notes from circulation.

A Reserve Bank of Australia spokesman said they were aware of the error.

"The spelling will be corrected at the next print run", a spokesperson said in a statement.

Her steady presence on Australia's most frequently distributed note, the 50 (currently worth $47 Canadian), hid a more worrisome change in the fine print, however.

Typo on Aussie $50 note leaves central bank red faced.

Updated $5 and $10 notes have already been released, and a new $20 is scheduled for October this year.

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