Tencent Replaced ‘PUBG’ With Government-Approved ‘Game For Peace’ in China

Joshua Bennett
May 9, 2019

In addition, it looks like players who update to the new game will start off at the same level they were on in PUBG Mobile, so it's not a total slap in the face.

It's clear why Tencent decided to make this move, as PUBG mobile was immensely popular in China.

Tencent did not immediately respond to requests for further comment from Reuters. According to Reuters, Tencent described Game for Peace as a tactical shooting game that "pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard our country's airspace", in reference to the Chinese air force.

In its place, Tencent has launched an "anti terrorism-themed" game called Game for Peace.

The game appears to be suspiciously similar to "PUBG", with similar design, characters and game play.

Tencent, on the other hand, says the two games belong to "very different genres".

The hashtag "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is gone" was trending on Chinese online platform Weibo, amassing 510 million views and 127,000 posts as of Wednesday afternoon.

South Korean-made PUBG was named by global game distributor Steam as one of its highest-grossing titles of 2018, and industry insiders estimated Tencent could rake in revenue of $1 billion (roughly Rs. 7,000 crores) if it was allowed to earn income from it.

Game for Peace also appears to have been stripped of violent elements like blood and gore, with another player explaining that "when you shoot people, they don't bleed, and the dead get up and wave goodbye". The game had first been introduced last February and quickly became the most popular in China with about 70 million daily active users, though Tencent remained unable to make money off it.

But official concerns over gaming addiction prompted the government previous year to impose new controls such as limiting the number of new releases, and safeguards that reduce playing time for underage gamers.

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