FromSoftware and George RR Martin's Elden Ring gets officially revealed

Joshua Bennett
June 12, 2019

This is the next action RPG from, er, From Software, created by Hidetaka Miyazaki in collaboration with fantasy novelist George R.R. Martin.

Unlike Sekiro, which is more action-oriented, Elden Ring "puts more focus on RPG elements", although Miyazaki also points out it'll have the tactile, intense combat you've come to expect from the Japanese developer.

Elden Ring was officially unveiled today during Microsoft's E3 showcase, and people are hungry for any information they can find (the trailer doesn't necessarily show a lot). In it we see several connected, severed hands, a shattering blacksmith, and an armor-clad fantasty warrior with a prosthetic arm. It's more open-world than any other FromSoftware game to date, and will give you more freedom to explore than you could, in say, Dark Souls. "Elden Ring allows players to design and control their own unique character".

What makes Elden Ring so different from past FromSoftware titles is the fact that this game is a collaboration between Game of Thrones writer, G.R.R. Martin, and Sekiro/Bloodborne director, Hidetaka Miyazaki. Don't tell me you don't see it?

This new game does not allow us, unfortunately, to understand exactly how it will be structured, even if the rumors had anticipated that it will be an nearly open world game. And I like Martin's output, but I'll reserve any judgement on his ability to write video game lore until I play the final product.

Miyazaki says that the world of Elden Ring will be "ripe for exploration".

What will Elden Ring's gameplay be like? Right now, thin details have emerged concerning Elden Ring. "Boss fights are something we enjoy making and make up one of the climaxes to this title as well".

Who will the protagonist be in Elden Ring?

The game designer added that Elden Ring is more like Dark Souls than Sekiro in terms of character customization elements.

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