Google claims US Huawei ban makes security issues worse

Joshua Bennett
June 13, 2019

Facebook has become part of the Western tech companies that have stated that they will no longer allow Huawei to pre-install their apps on smartphones.

An email sent to a Google Play developer revealed that Huawei is requesting developers to make a version of their app and publish it on the company's own AppGallery store.

MailOnline has contacted Huawei for comment. Google is concerned that if it is not able to supply updates to its Android operating system (OS) on Huawei phones, the Chinese company will use its own OS, which it is developing.

An order from President Trump earlier this month effectively banned technology firms from "foreign adversaries" trading with United States companies without approval.

The move is part of Huawei's broader effort to offset the fallout of the U.S. administration's ban on the world's second-largest smartphone vendor and the world's largest telecom equipment maker. Of course this also suggests that the new HongMeng OS from Huawei is indeed an AOSP/Android fork that will be compatible with all Android apps. For many, and writing is on the wall and for a good reason because a device without the Play Store and Google applications/ services is practically unsaleable outside China.

As per the reports, the Chinese company has been pitching app makers from previous year to build software for a new Huawei app store outside China.

Vought has asked for restrictions on contractors and on federal loan and grant recipients to take effect 4 years from the passage of the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA), instead of the present 2 years, to give affected companies time to respond and give feedback. Well, industry experts have predicted the sales of the Huawei products are likely to go down due to the impact of the ban, the Europen country Germany appears to be the first country, wherein the Huawei smartphones have hit low, reports WinFuture. In May Washington prohibited U.S. companies from furnishing technology to Huawei segment of an extended campaign against the company. While chipset makers like Qualcomm, Intel, ARM have cut ties with the Chinese electronics equipment maker, the search engine tech giant, Google has also revoked Android License for the future Huawei phones.

When it started to build the OS Huawei had a five per cent share of the global market, it is now the world's second-biggest smartphone supplier shipping 206 million smartphones in 2018, according to IDC data.

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