Google Stadia Founder’s Edition players get to pick their Stadia gamertag first

Joshua Bennett
June 7, 2019

At points throughout Stadia Connect, one nearly gets the feeling that Google doesn't consider November's release of the Founder's Bundle to be the actual launch of the service, but rather some kind of early access phase where people who buy the bundle get to test-drive things before the service truly kicks off at some point in 2020.

Things will get a bit better in 2020 when Google launches a free tier of Stadia called "Stadia Base". Today we're announcing the first collection of games coming to Stadia, and we'll continue to add to this list later this summer.

The service is launching in November and it will cost $9.99 per month for 4K 60fps HDR with 5.1 sound gaming, which Google will be calling Stadia Pro.

For those who purchase a Founder's Edition, you'll also get a Destiny 2 package containing all add-ons and an annual pass.

This November you'll be able to play Stadia on Chrome-connected TVs, computers, tablets, and also select phones like Google's recent Pixel 3a using the Stadia app. Besides "Destiny 2" other games available for Stadia include "Doom Eternal", "Wolfenstein: Youngblood", "Assassin's Creed Odyssey", "Borderlands 3", "The Elder Scrolls Online", "NBA 2K", "Mortal Kombat 11", "The Division 2", and "Final Fantasy XV". It may help play the range of Stadia titles that were confirmed today.

The YouTube link is also crucial to Stadia's unique features, such as the ability to dive straight into a multiplayer game from a live YouTube video, joining the same session that you were just watching being streamed.

Stadia Pro is the official service, at $US10 ($14)/month, which will give you access to the service's games at 4K resolution/60 frames-per-second. That version of Stadia will be limited to 1080p, and will still require players to pay extra for newer games.

One of the burning questions over Stadia was if it would follow an entirely subscription based model such as Netflix for access to its games.

We don't know yet what games will be included in the Stadia Pro subscription, but these are said to be older games.

Stadia Pro will reportedly offer access to specific titles; other games will have to be purchased outright. Some of the games included in the Google Stadia library, particularly newer titles, will still need to be purchased outright.

For gaming at 4K/60fps, Google recommends a 30-35Mbps connection. The price of the games has not been given.

Google plans to expand the service to other countries and regions in 2020. 4K-capable HDTV and high-speed broadband internet connection required to play in 4K.

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