Huawei blocked from installing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on new phones

Fredrick Soto
June 10, 2019

Google developers are concerned, according to the report, that the company would not be allowed to update its Android operating system on Huawei smartphones. But Huawei won't have that privilege anymore.

Facebook has suspended Huawei's ability to pre-install the social network's apps on its smartphones.

A Facebook PR spokesperson told Newsweek: "We are reviewing the Commerce Department's final rule and the more recently issued temporary general license and taking steps to ensure compliance".

However, if circumstances do not change between the USA and Huawei, the Chinese company would also be unable to ship Facebook's software suite on its own operating system.

Huawei may soon roll out its own operating system in August or September this year, reports Chinese newspaper Global Times. The hybrid, or knockoff, would likely have more bugs and would be more susceptible to being hacked.

Looking at the screenshots, we can see two Android apps and we can't be too sure if Ark OS will have Android support or it's just an Android-based UI that the company has been working on.

As a result, Huawei must build its own fork of Android, which would leave the door open to hackers because the Chinese firm doesn't have the necessary know-how and tech to secure the platform against cyberattacks. He said it would benefit consumers if Google and the United States government could work out a solution.

After some time to think this thing out, the Financial Times reports that Google has chose to hold tight on its split with Huawei, suggesting that if Huawei is forced to build its own "hybrid" rendition of the Android operating system, it's likely that hybrid would make Huawei smartphones more susceptible to a cyber attack.

In the past few weeks, senior Google executives have approached the commerce department asking either for another extension or to be exempted from the ban altogether, according to those briefed on the conversations.

Owners of existing Huawei smartphones that already have Facebook apps can continue using them and downloading updates.

The US government has also been requesting its allies to discontinue its business ties with Huawei. Thus, US national security might get compromised.

Google is anxious about the Android alternative that Huawei claims it has already finished.

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