OPPO Showcasing Under-Display Selfie Camera On Smartphone

Joshua Bennett
June 6, 2019

Xiaomi's future phones could have an in-screen camera, the Chinese phone maker revealed Monday alongside a video.

Meanwhile, here's OPPO presenting a "perfect, notchless smartphone screen experience".

Xiaomi president Lin Bin posted a video to Weibo which they later posted to Twitter of the Xiaomi Mi 9 with a front facing camera concealed entirely behind the phone's screen.

Xiaomi and Oppo are utilizing brand new display technology. To increase the credibility of the technology, the user moves their finger over a region where the camera could be, at which point the sensor shows an unfocused preview of the person's finger. How the camera sees through the display remains unknown but it does manage to snap a picture of a surface in its view.

Earlier this year, Samsung also confirmed that it's working on a method to make the camera invisible.

The company has tweeted a video of a prototype OPPO phone with a camera beneath its display.

Oppo then showed it off on the company's official Twitter account. The tech-era is unstoppable and it will bring more of such new features to the world.

Whether it's notches or a hole-punch, front-facing smartphone cameras are greedy little screen-hoggers, smugly taking up display real-estate just because they know we can't live without them.

#Xiaomi has applied a patent for under screen camera! We've all known phones will get there eventually, but until now, all we had seen were sliders on presentations and rumors about the technology's development.

OPPO today unveiled a new technology that made all the notches, pop-up and cutouts irrelevant. The Xiaomi implementation looks to be functioning fairly well, as much as we can tell from this video.

A already mentioned in the title and the first paragraph, Xiaomi actually showed a similar demo to OPPO, though Xiaomi's demo actually allows us to see the whole demo device. We expect that this could probably arrive by next year.

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