"Pokemon Sword & Shield" Details & Legendaries Revealed

Joshua Bennett
June 6, 2019

This new trailer revealed Pokemon's interpretation of Raid bosses which see groups of friends battle one big Pokemon. This year, Nintendo will be releasing Pokemon Sword & Shield, the latest installments in the beloved RPG series. Seemingly the central new battle gimmick for this game, Dynamax allows Pokemon to temporarily take on giant glowing forms for impressive large-scale kaiju battles either in massive gym stadiums or out in the wild. As always a new region brings with it a bunch of all new Pokemon creatures to discover, catch, bond and battle with - but exactly how many remains unclear.

Wild Pokemon can be found in the new "Wild Area", a wide expanse that can be found between cities. The new feature at the center of Pokemon Sword and Shield is Dynamax. Once you find the Dynamax Band in Sword and Shield (something that's bound to happen early on), you'll be able to transform one of your Pokemon into a towering monster, Rita Repulsa style, in each battle.

So here's what we know. There isn't much that's known about these two Pokemon yet, but there's probably a good reason for that as version legendaries often play a major role in the narrative of Pokemon games. But now we know about snapping turtle Drednaw, crow taxi Corviknight, scared sheep Pokemon Wooloo, and flower Pokemon Gossifleur that involves into cotton-headed Eldegoss.

We're also looking forward to seeing more Generation 8 Pokemon.

The exact date is 15th November, with both games releasing simultaneously worldwide.

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