Trump says NHS 'on the table' in post-Brexit talks

Toby Graves
June 5, 2019

Don Lessem of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania spent $25,000 to build the foam statue over an iron frame, ship it by boat across the Atlantic and have it erected in Trafalgar Square.

He dismissed thousands of protesters rallying nearby as "fake news" and turned down a meeting with Corbyn - who delivered a fiery speech against Trump's policies despite also requesting one-on-one talks - branding him a "somewhat negative force".

"Let's do this deal", Trump said.

Upon landing in London, Trump continued his attack on Khan, calling him a "stone cold loser" who "has been foolishly "nasty" to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom".

"Good meeting with President Trump - he really believes in Brexit and is loving his trip to London", Farage said in a posting.

Trump characterised what he'd seen as "tremendous support".

Prior to his trip, the collapse of May's premiership over her failure to secure Britain's exit from the European Union had raised concerns that Trump could publicly humiliate her.

And on a future trade deal, the president generated headlines by confirming the NHS would be part of the negotiations. British officials have suggested that the Iran nuclear deal, global climate change, and Chinese telecoms giant Huawei will be on the agenda.

Corbyn has faulted Trump's politics, and he was said to be addressing anti-Trump protesters in Central London around the time of the press conference between the US and British leaders.

He was responding to Khan's suggestion that Trump is not worthy of a state visit and that the president is not even in the same class as his predecessors Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

The Queen didn't appear affected by the incident, and, according to the royal family's website, Trump wasn't technically in violation of protocol - he just didn't go the customary route.

The Trump baby blimp, with its quiff and sneering mouth, is flying once again over Parliament Square, having made its debut last July when Trump was here for a short visit. Organizers have permission from police to fly it for two hours.

He blamed the backlash against leftist progressivism on the U.S. President, saying: "Their views are now mainstream and have been normalised by Donald Trump".

Their talks are set to be accompanied by the sounds of a "noise protests" of thousands of anti-Trump activities.

"There's tremendous promise in that trade deal", Trump told reporters on Tuesday, the second day of his state visit to Britain. May is stepping down as head of her party at the end of the week, entering a lame duck period as the conservatives select a new leader. "He has a lot to offer", Trump told the newspaper. "Khan had said it would be "un-British" to roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump".

Just up the street, protesters leaders of Britain's political opposition will be joining demonstrators.

Some protesters vowed to throw milkshakes at Trump if they could get close enough.

The US president met Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage at the US ambassador's residence, Winfield House.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who did not attend Monday's state dinner out of protest, is due to give a speech at the "Carnival of Resistance" in central London.

"I think we'll have a very very substantial trade deal, it will be a very fair deal", Trump said.

Trump and his wife Melania arrived on Monday for a three-day state visit that included a banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

Things are likely to become more awkward on Tuesday when he meets May, who is in the final weeks of her premiership.

One of Trump's allies, the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, is a top contender.

Following talks with Theresa May in Downing Street on the second day of his state visit, the president held out the prospect of a "phenomenal" deal that could potentially triple the volume of trade between the two countries.

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