YouTube to ban hateful videos, Holocaust-denying content

Joshua Bennett
June 7, 2019

This isn't the first time YouTube has been under the spotlight in such a debate, and it isn't the only platform to have faced this issue.

YouTube announced on Wednesday that it will remove extremist content on its platform, including neo-Nazi videos and other white nationalist propaganda.

About an hour later, after Maza pushed back against the ruling, Youtube clarified that the real issue seemed to be a link on Crowder's profile to his merchandise store, which sold a line of T-shirts printed with offensive slogans like "socialism is for fags".

Ford Fischer, a documentary filmmaker, said he was also affected.

Speaking to Newsweek, Maza said that the problem with YouTube is that it encourages abusive channels like Crowder's to grow, while at the same time refusing to protect the marginalized creators on its platform that it claims to support.

"We recognize that some of this content has value to researchers and NGOs looking to understand hate in order to combat it and we are exploring options to make it available to them in the future", said the company's statement.

When Maza initially cried "homophobe" to YouTube, they responded that Crowder's content did not violate their policies, however, they did not agree with the content. And, sometimes, a decision to leave an offensive video on the site will look like us defending people who have used their platforms and audiences to bully, demean, marginalize or ignore others.

Of course, Crowder's channel violates none of those things, which does not bode well for countless other YouTube channels that voice politically incorrect right-wing opinions.

For example, a popular history teacher and podcast host said Wednesday that YouTube banned him for "hate speech".

Since then, his videos have been "demonetised" - meaning he can no longer earn money from them - after he was accused of making homophobic comments about a fellow YouTuber. "We remove content promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on any of the following attributes" including "sexual orientation" and "ethnicity".

Carlos Maza is a reporter for Vox, an American media company, who runs a series known as "Strikethrough" on YouTube, which aims to document the changing media landscape in the Trump era. Your channel will be terminated if you receive 3 strikes.

We take into consideration whether criticism is focused primarily on debating the opinions expressed or is exclusively malicious.

Despite this, in a response to Maza's tweets, YouTube said that Crowder's videos would be allowed to remain on the site.

Crowder also predicted that despite YouTube's actions, Vox would not be satisfied. The comedic skit referenced multiple complaints made against him paired with insincere regret. The channel's founder, Ford Fischer, tweeted that one of the flagged videos showed an activist confronting a Holocaust denier - not actually sharing that anti-Semitic falsehood.

The store is hosted by Shopify. That's an absolutely batshit policy that gives bigots free license.

"#VoxAdpocalypse was Carlos Maza and Vox dropping a nuke on Youtube taking out tons of innocent creators, like journalist Ford Fischer, to get one guy", posted journalist Tim Pool. [It's] trotting you out to convince advertisers that [its] platform hasn't become a breeding ground for hate speech and bigotry. We updated, reordered, and shortened them, so you can know what's not allowed on Twitter.

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